Playing online poker in Canada is very easy these days. There are tons of great websites and online card rooms that poker players can visit and settle in. Yet, to have the best online poker experience, you will have to stick with the best casino sites altogether. To this end, we have taken a look at the state of affairs with online poker in Canada to recommend the best options available to you.

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We know – Canadian poker players have some of the highest standards. Therefore, we are very happy to cater to your specific tastes with the best poker sites you can find in the country today.

Let’s get started, then, because there is a world of excellent poker sites available just to you waiting right now.

Online Poker Canada: Accessible and Competitive

Online poker sites in Canada are nothing if not accessible and very competitive, allowing poker players to find a great card room that is full to their liking. While in-person poker is also an option, the majority of real money poker players will go straight for the live-action that takes place online!

To begin with, poker fans have access to not one poker site but a whole constellation of renowned brands.

Oh, and did you know that The Stars Group, creator of PokerStars, is actually Canadian? And so are many successful players, actually, including Daniel Negreanu and Jonathan Duhamel. They all started by playing online poker in Canada, so if you are looking for successful role models in your country, you will have plenty to choose from!

Online Poker Games in Canada: Texas Hold em, Omaha

Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the two main versions poker sites in Canada will offer. If you are a serious poker player, you must be familiar with these versions. It doesn’t matter whether you play online poker or walk in a casino to sit down against another player. Familiarity is key, and online poker rooms have tons of viable poker games for you to pick from.

You will find fast-fold poker, seven-card stud, Caribbean poker, and tons of other fantastic variations. You can play pot-limit, and no-limit hold ’em and Omaha, as well as dive into all sorts of exotic choices. The best poker site options in Canada make sure to bring you tons of viable games.

Another important aspect of the experience is the stakes. Poker sites for Canadians make sure to offer flexible banking. You can play at $0.01/$0.02 and make your way to six and seven-figure poker tournaments.

The upside when you play online poker is that you can alternate between tons of viable games and adjust to games that best fit your bankroll. Poker rooms are more than happy to bring you some of the most versatile versions of the game, whether this is Texas Hold em, Omaha or some brand-new version your poker site has come up with!

Bonuses for Canadian Poker Players

Poker bonuses are an important part of the experience. While poker is a game of skill, having a bit in the way of additional funds never hurts. Therefore, we look out for the best promotions available to you at any online poker room.

Players are treated like kings with their deposit bonus, which can often lead to a very sizeable bonus amount to benefit from. But listen up, that’s not all. Unlike casino games where you have to frantically play against the T&C to cash out your winnings, the best poker sites we recommend allow you to cash out in increments.

Why increments? Because poker players value skill above all else, and that is what online poker sites bring you – skill-based environments where your grasp of real money poker allows you to rise above the competition.

Canadian online poker has a sufficient number of competitive-minded players who are ready to join poker tournaments and take on the biggest cash game challenges. Apart from the sign-up bonus, though, you can find many online poker sites that bring you excellent freeroll tournaments, free tickets, and more.

Once again, all of this will be based on the principle of competitive poker experience, just the way Canadian poker players prefer.

How to Play Poker Online in Canada

Are you ready to have a bit of online poker fun? That’s great news because playing online for real money is quite easy these days. Companies such as party poker and PokerStars has certainly made it easy, but there are tons of other Canadian online poker rooms you will want to experience first-hand!

All you need to do is pick a poker room for yourself and set off on the greatest real money poker experience in your life. Now, Canadian poker sites are all decent, but to have the most fulfilling experience, you may want to stick with the clear-cut leaders there.

That is why we swoop in from all high to guide poker players to a poker site that allows them to benefit from the most authentic poker experience there is. And, to make good on this promise, we review all poker sites ourselves, staking precious cash and winning more than a few hands!

So, what do you need to play online poker? Not much, to be honest; just choose a poker site you like from our list, set up your account and claim the bonus. Most Canadian players opt for the sign-up promo as it gives them quite the hefty bankroll to play around with!

Banking at Canadian Poker Sites: Always to the Point

Another great benefit of picking the best Canadian poker sites is that you get to enjoy quick and easy banking. There is no more fuss about your funds being delayed in deposit or withdrawal. Instead, you will benefit from swift banking options that have been tailored to make it easy for Canadian players to claim their winnings or top up their account balances.

Popular payment options to players in Canada include credit cards and debit cards, e-wallets, and even bank wire transfers. In some cases, you can cash out your money using Bitcoin, but ultimately you will have plenty of options to move your winnings around without an issue.

Most sites, and especially those we recommend, let you pick the payment options you like best, adding to a fantastic overall experience and allowing you to focus on what matters the most to you – playing poker and beating the competition. Whether you need deposit options or quick cash out, Canada has it all.

Canadian Mobile Poker Online: Best Poker on the Go

It’s true! Canada has tons of mobile-friendly poker options to offer to players. You will be able to play online poker in Canada via your mobile browser or through a dedicated app. Some card rooms favour one, but others make absolutely sure to offer you both a dedicated software on top of the browser experience that understandably has to be top-notch.

Mobile Canadian online poker is accessible, intuitive to use, and the poker software makes it easy for you to cash out, join tournaments, win big prize pools, and more. In fact, all sites have a mobile version allowing you to use your spare time for a quick session if you feel like playing.

Live Poker Online in Canada

Honing your skills online is definitely fun, but if you want to move from Canada online poker to real live games, you will have some options to do that! Other than the fact that the United States is close by for a quick trip down to some of the most competitive live poker markets, you have plenty of options in Canada.

Poker gambling sites are fun but so are the casinos and card rooms that bring you top-notch action loaded with sizable prize pools. Canada’s poker tradition runs deep in the nation’s fabric, and it definitely transcends online gambling.

And, as a result, you will have plenty of options to play real money poker games in person. Just pick a venue that is close to you and dive in on the player versus player action that takes place on Canada’s brick-and-mortar casino floors.

The legality of Online Poker Sites in Canada

To put it broadly, it is absolutely fine to play poker online in Canada. There are no laws that criminalize the activity, and there is no mention in the country’s laws that so much as suggest that the activity is anything but.

However, online poker legal sites are not too common, simply because Canada does not yet license gambling websites, and certainly not poker sites. Is this bad news? Not really, and we will tell you why! The government doesn’t meddle with the industry, but recent developments suggest that Canada will seek to introduce a more permanent legal framework.

That is all still rumours, though, so you have nothing to worry about. Oh, and in case you were wondering – you don’t have to pay tax on your poker site winnings. Players get to keep all their winnings, and that is a fact. How so? Well, you see, it’s simple.

To pay tax on anything in Canada, you have to do so in a professional capacity. Since poker doesn’t offer a steady income, except for players like Negreanu, perhaps, very few people actually meet the legal definition and don’t have to pay gambling taxes!

Conclusion: Canada’s Poker Ecosystem Is Growing

After all of this information, you are probably aware that Canada has a lot to offer to poker players. Unlike many other countries where players face a plethora of obstacles, Canada takes good care of its poker pros. Even though many choose to go and play down to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, there are thousands who stay behind and join online poker sites that are friendly to Canada.

As the popularity of poker increases, new sites are coming online. However, you can always benefit from a second benefit to decide if a site is actually worth your while or if you should skip it altogether. Doing the leg work yourself is so much trouble, but the good news is you don’t have to anymore!

Our team is here to help guide you to the best poker sites that exist and cater to Canadians today. Basically, go over our list of the best poker platform and join the one that looks the most promising one for you.

Canadian Online Poker Sites FAQ

Are online poker sites in Canada safe?

Yes, online poker sites in Canada are safe. Most of the sites are licensed by international regulators and license issuers. Furthermore, the sites have SSL encryption and run due diligence checks.

Do I have to pay taxes on my poker earnings in Canada?

No, under Canadian law, you have to be a professional player to pay taxes from your winnings. A professional player must have a fixed salary, and most poker players hardly qualify for this legal definition.

Can I play poker online with a bonus in Canada?

Yes, poker sites in the Great White North offer bonuses. You can play with a sign-up bonus, benefit from referral bonuses, free tournament tickets, and more.

What time are Canadian poker sites the busiest?

Poker sites in Canada are busy around the clock. You can join any time of the day and night and experience a good number of cash games. Admittedly, evenings and late nights might be a little busier as a rule of thumb.

How fast can you cash out from Canadian poker sites?

Most cash outs take less than 24 hours. Depending on the payment method, the processing time may vary.