Online Casino Complaints

Complaints from consumers are part and parcel of every business, and online casinos are not left out. The industry generates revenue in billions of dollars, and people should be able to hold them accountable for their deficiencies. This will make the operators more responsible in their operations.

Making complaints is not an easy task as there are several hurdles and obstacles to leap over. Nevertheless, authorities are slowly taking a stand and trying to make the process easy and efficient for their customers. 

Complaints are generally evaluated with available regulations. So before you play at any online casino, you have to make sure the appropriate authority licenses them. This will make them subject to regulations. Casino affiliate sites like have been helping online casino players relate their complaints to the operators and getting quick responses.

Popular online casino complaints

Gambling complaints are rising every day, and different players file complaints about numerous reasons. Some of these reasons are;

  • Complex terms and conditions; some unscrupulous casino operators intentionally make their terms and conditions (T & C) too long and too complex to confuse gamers. Since it is a binding agreement, players need to study and understand them before playing. Not reading T & C’s can lead to loss of wins and other unfortunate experiences.
  • Verification issues; casinos are required by law to obtain some information about their customers. Most new players often complain about the long verification processes.

But if a customer gives incorrect information during verification, this can cause the casino to label you as a fraudster and withhold your earnings.

  • Slow withdrawal; many intentionally drag their feet when it comes to paying out winnings. Making deposits is usually hassle-free and can be done within minutes, but withdrawal takes much more time to finalize. This is a burden gamblers face with some platforms.
  • Game errors; technical errors are inevitable even for the best online casino platforms. Even the best technology sometimes experiences glitches. For this reason, most platforms usually have a section in the terms and conditions that says, “not liable for technical error and failure”. This means that the casino will not claim fault for such an occurrence. In rare cases, reputable casinos usually compensate players for this error.
  • Bonuses; most casinos find it hard to payout money won via playing with bonuses. This is because they see bonuses as “their own money”. This is not right, and any such experience should be reported immediately.
  • Self-exclusion; although self-exclusion depends on the gamer’s willingness to take responsibility for his well-being, most online casinos do not play their part. There are cases where gamers who have already applied for self-exclusion continue to receive promotional messages from casinos. This violates the player’s right and should be promptly reported.

Fraudulent Behaviours from Gamers

Historically, casinos are mostly at fault whenever a complaint is filed, but some customers are found to have filed fraudulent complaints. Also, some customers have attempted to cheat some casino operators. Some of the actions are;

  • Sharing false documents during verification
  • Bonus-sharing
  • Self-exclusion scams
  • Collusion
  • Opening of multiple accounts etc.

If an operator refuses your complaints based on any reasons, they might be well within their rights.

Filing an Online Casino Complaint

You can choose to submit your complaints to the customer service of the casino platform yourself, or you can go through third parties (casino affiliate sites). It is very simple. 

When these measures do not work, you can proceed to the regulatory bodies to lodge a more formal complaint. They will ensure your grievances are well attended to. In extreme cases, the regulatory bodies can sanction the online casino involved.

Tips on Filing Complaints Against Online Casinos

Before you file a complaint against any service provider, a few things can be done. Firstly, try to reach out to the customer support service. If that doesn’t help, the grievance can be escalated to the regulatory bodies.

If you have a valid complaint, the following tips will help you get a pleasing solution;

  • Document all your communications about the complaints. From emails to chats, records of your discussions about the issue with the customer service should be documented as this will help you when the matter escalates.
  • Ask to speak with a supervisor. Going directly to a supervisor might help you solve your problem faster.
  • Exercise patience; most times, all that is needed to solve your complaint is a few checks. These checks may take time. So exercising patience will do you a lot of good.
  • Ask for help from casino review sites like They help act as a middleman and help communicate your grievances efficiently. Also, some platforms can educate you about how to submit a complaint.
  • Contact a regulatory body; if you do not get a satisfactory solution to your complaint from all the aforementioned tips, you can turn to the regulatory bodies. Apart from making sure you get a solution to your complaints, the regulatory body will also help make sure the platform behaves more responsibly in the future.


Online casino complaints can be lodged on your own or with the help of third party casino affiliate platforms. Whenever you feel you don’t understand a particular thing, it is advisable to contact a customer care representative to seek clarification. 

It is essential to only play with recognized online casino platforms with licenses, as they are registered under a governing body. This makes it easier to get your grievances settled. When all these measures do not work, you can escalate your displeasure directly to the regulatory authorities.